Women's Strapless Pushup Bra

Women's Strapless Pushup Bra

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Specially designed bra with drawstring provides charming deep V-shape cleavage.

-Offers the cover of a normal bra without unsightly shoulder or back straps.
-NATURAL FEELING: Our adhesive bras are made of pure medical-grade silicone you won't even know you're wearing them.
-Pull rope design magically brings your breast together and enhances the overall appearance of your breast by allowing you to shape & push up your breast to your desire. Instantly give you a fuller cleavage.
-The silicone bra is reusable, best of all, all the fun without leaving trace or residue on skin after removing the bra.

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1. Pull the toggle 2/3rds of the way down the drawstring and carefully open the lace so that the connection is loose .
Firmly hold each cup by the outer edge and carefully Peel back,and remove,the protection sheet.(Do not throw away the protective sheet and return it when the bra is not in use.
2. For best results,holding the cup about an inch away from the body,line up the bra’s winged side with the outer edge of your body’s frame and angle the middle part of your breast towards the lace fastening .Once you are happy with the position,apply the winged edge first and lean into the bra, smoothly and firmly securing the cup with the palm of your hand .Apply using the same method for the other cup.
Tip!Feel free to peel away and re-position if you do not get the desired coverage.
3. To ensure the cups are securely in place,use your hands to smooth them onto your skin until your are happy with how they fit and feel.
4. Once in place ,use one hand to hold both ends of the drawstring and use the other hand to adjust the toggle upwards to secure the bra in place.The higher you positing,the more of a boost you will give to your cleavage!

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