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Double Collar Stylish Dress Shirts

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Dress shirts come with several components and exactly these components make them unique. In the latest period double collar dress shirt are getting quite popular because of their functionality and look. If people manage to find dress shirts that combine this component with a casual style then we can say that they have a winning combination! This casual double collar dress shirt is a good example of a combination like that, so it’s no wonder it is one of the most popular models on the market today. What exactly makes this shirt special?

Quality and appearance:

These are of course, the most important characteristics in every piece of clothing. This double collar dress shirt is made exclusively from cotton which means that it is made to last and to be durable no matter if it is used under a sweater or without anything above it. The variety of colors is another thing that makes this men dress shirt attractive. Besides the usual white, black, blue and white colors there are also some interesting shades like sapphire, fruit green, sky blue and light purple.

How it fits:

Although many people give less importance to this characteristic, the truth is that the way one shirt fits is really important. Shirts are worn throughout the day and that’s why they need to provide comfort. This double collar dress shirt provides the necessary comfort and that’s not only because of the cotton material. There are various sizes available starting from XS and ending with XL which means that people regardless of their physical constitution can find suitable size. As previously mentioned, this dress shirt has an ideal size for every type of combination. It can be used under a sweater or jacket for example, but you can also use it without anything on top and you can freely wear an undershirt too. Since this is a casual shirt you can easily find a match when it comes to pants/trousers. A pair of jeans can look equally good as a pair of pants made from a different more elegant material. The same goes for the shoes – as long as you have a pair of casual shoes you are good to go. Although this shirt looks like it is designed for the young population, even men that are slightly older can wear if they find the right combination.  

Whatever color you choose one thing is for sure – you will look attractive in this unique stylish dress shirt.

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