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Mens Slim Fit Shirts Block Decoration Fashion Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee

Sale price $ 23.99 Regular price $ 31.99
  • For: Men
  • Type: Shirt
  • Style: Casual
  • Sleeve Length: Full
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Closure Type: Single Breasted
  • Pockets: 1
  • Collar: Turn-Down
  • Colors: White and Dark Blue
  • Sizes: XS | S | M | L - US



This shirt fits in autumn and early winter, an attention apprehending shirt with soft colors. This edition has been released in market in early 2014 and has had tremendous sales growth overtime. Most of customers emphasize on the attention they receive in public when they have this piece of beauty on, shortly after first purchase they return to make second purchase of the complementary color shirt at 10% discounted price using the voucher.

These mens slim fit shirts features one pocket on left side with a distinctive side button, the color of the pocket tees matches that of the sleeves which makes this even more appealing. This is a casual button down shirt with two unorthodox colors, sleeves are full but is designed in a manner it looks equally catchy with rolled up sleeves as can be seen in the pictures.

Light blue represents good health and healing, tranquility, understanding and softness whereas, white is more towards innocence, purity and cleanliness. These two colors mix perfectly, to make a perfect blend, wear this shirt anytime and it automatically receives utmost admiration.

These mens slim fit shirts are available in dual colors, there is a blend of white with light blue and blend of Dark blue with light blue. Both these shirts will go well with any dark pairs of jeans or casual bottoms, stop your hunt for those perfect casuals to wear in 2014 – edealretail is presenting you the hunt.

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