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Side Zipper Pullover Hoodie

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Hoodies are one of the basic elements of clothing today. They are very simple, but yet very efficient especially when it comes to cold days. They are usually characterized by their simple form and one of the rare pieces of clothing that can be worn by anyone – young and old, men and women. This side zipper hoodie sweatshirt is designed for men and it was one of the sweatshirts that marked 2014. Thanks to its beautiful design, quality and appearance there is no doubt that this hoodie sweatshirt will continue to be popular this year too.

In case you are wondering what makes this sweatshirt unique you should check the following shortlist of its basic features.

Quality and appearance

Since there are literally hundreds of models of sweatshirts it is legitimate to ask – why choose this sweatshirt over the others? First of all, this hoodie sweatshirt is made from high quality materials. It contains both cotton and polyester. The main material is cotton while the polyester is used only to improve the sweatshirt’s durability and strength.  It comes with long sleeves and the style used for its design can be bet described as leisure and casual. Since different men have different tastes, this sweatshirt comes in four separate colors – black, deep gray, blue and red. As you can see buyers can choose between vibrant and neutral and elegant colors.

How it fits

In order to make sure that each customer can find a suitable size, the manufacturer of this incredible side zipper hoodie sweatshirt is offering this model in all sizes – XS, S, M, L and XL. All men, regardless of their body constitution can find a fitting size. The hoodie is big enough to cover the head in case you need to protect it from the weather conditions. It is designed in a way that makes the sweatshirt stretch on the body, so wearing a tight t-shirt under the sweatshirt is possible. It is also possible to wear any type of jacket over it. Since this is a leisure-style sweatshirt it is best to be used with standard blue jeans. Making a combination with dark pants will work too. Depending on the type of pants you wear you can choose sports shoes or classic shoes.

This men side zipper hoodie is ideal for any event you are planning to attend and you can also wear it as a casual piece of clothing when you are outside.

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